Plastic Merlin Wanted - £3K ish

27/02/2015 15:06:04
Hello all,
Just sold my RS200 and need to spend the cash before it ends up on a non-boating priority.  Could possibly go a little higher if an absolute bargain comes along.

27/02/2015 18:02:15
Chris Martin
Theres a Winder tales at £4500 on the list if it hasn't sold - i know it's hardly a "little more" but well worth the extra

28/02/2015 06:41:30

3584 is a good boat to go for Mo.

Then you can join in the fun! 

14/02/2016 21:46:47
Alex Slatter
I have a GRP NSM2 that's going if you are interested it is 2000GBP 3346 comes with twin fly away poles both carbon and a carbon rig among carbon foils.

15/02/2016 18:56:30
Andrew M
The left field choice at this price has to be After Hours 3586, on the for sale list for £2,999.  Not however a plastic boat, though all the wood in the shell is coated with epoxy etc. and there is no varnish work to look after.  Not a Tales, and after extensive tinkering by Glen Truswell (the "hours" the boat was "after" was his day job at the time with Lotus Engineering) I'm not even sure it is still a Heaven Sent.  Was at one time a competitive boat but I haven't seen it around for a while.
Andrew 3511 (THE Heaven Sent) 

21/02/2016 11:19:49
Galactic Gnu 's on Apollo Duck for 2.5k...

21/02/2016 11:39:15
Alistair Glen
Hi All,
Not sure why this thread spontaneously re-generated after a year but as far as I know, Mo bought 3597 from Mike Webster at Starcross in mid-2015 and unless he is creating a fleet of Mk 1 Winders, is happily 'suited', as they say in estate agent speak.


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