Merlin wanted around £1K

24/02/2015 12:08:29

Hi all,

Looking to purchase my first Merlin and looking to spend around £1000. Happy to do some work etc on the boat. I have emailed several people who are advertising on the website however it seems they have all sold.

24/02/2015 12:46:05
Have you tried Apolloduck?
Link is here Merlins for sale

24/02/2015 12:57:54
And on facebook

24/02/2015 14:02:43
Ed Evans

I have 3288 Atlantis (a Rowsell NSM 2) that I am looking to advertise soon. If you are interested drop me an email at edevans505 at


24/02/2015 16:06:31
Andrew Mills
Atlantis was John Stokes last Merlin and was kept in slings above the rescue boats under the clubhouse at Ranelagh and maintained in pretty immaculate condition from new when I last saw it.  If you are sailing inland and on the heavier end of the weight range it would be hard to find a better 1st Merlin though the NSM2 is not as quick offwind as the flatter modern boats.

25/02/2015 10:25:07
Peter Frampton
I was the original owner of 3288 Atlantis. It is a Rowsell built NSM 2. She was a very pretty boat and I know John Stokes kept her in great condition. Would be a great first boat 

25/02/2015 10:46:22
Edward 3340

Rich - I have 3340 - Silver Dollar -  a very beautiful Morrison built NSM3 in excellent condition except the need for a minor gunwhale repair, needs glue only and is booked in to be done. Happy to negotiate around that. With it fixed  I would be looking around £1200.  

Alloy rig, 1 good set of sails covers combi trailer, both longer and shorter rudder (for Broads use), - the boat is presently dry stored in Norfolk. I am unlikely to sail this again due to ill health. Phone me 07771 883406 or email edwardgilder at

I can deliver reasonable distance. 

25/02/2015 11:38:43
Richard Saunders

Hi, Thanks all for your replies and boats for sale.

Looking forward to getting out on the water soon in a Merlin. 

26/02/2015 15:55:47
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Where abouts are you based Richard?

26/02/2015 16:12:10
Richard Saunders
Benfleet Yacht Club on the Thames (down a muddy creek)

09/09/2016 13:20:08
Alex Slatter
Check out the link !!

31/05/2018 15:04:07
Christopher hayes
I have one needs a bit of work has been stripped all parts here 2 sets of snails 1 set new
500 pounds with trailer and launch trailer

01/06/2018 16:22:10
Andrew Mills
The last Merlin I had that disintegrated in my ownership (1498) had about 20 snails on it when I disposed of it 


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