In need of an old rudder stock...

19/02/2015 13:35:46
Last year I bought a lovely 1966 MK9b 'Haymaker'. After some great racing at Cookham, the aluminium rudder stock is looking a bit dodgy and I'm looking for a suitable spare/replacement. If anyone has something that might work kicking about in their garage/shed I'd be very interested in buying it. I'm based in the Marlow/Cookham area, so something local would be brilliant. It has old style chunky pintles.

19/02/2015 19:18:57
Chris Martin
Hi Ian,
I have an IYE stock in the garage - drop me an email if i can help 

01/03/2015 02:31:10
peter horscroft
i have an old wooden one - if thats any use - peter (SingTheNightSong)


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