Cotton sails and bronze and tufnol fittings wanted

03/12/2014 06:06:08

If you have any cotton sails or bronze or tufnol fittings you would like to get rid of, several of us in the West Country are restoring some of the oldest Merlins to near original condition and would be pleased to receive them.

Cotton sails of any class would be welcome (we have sewing machines or friends with other boats) or also Merlin old shape Dacron/Terylene sails (pre-quadrilateral with the rounded leech) and any old Merlin fittings such as bronze pintles etc. to help get these oldest bats of the class sailing again.

contact pat at cvrda dot org or by private message on this forum. 

05/01/2015 15:52:17
peter horscroft
give me a list of the stuff you want - i'll see what ive got, also look around see what i can find and email you back
peter - all wooden - (merlins 635, 1067, 1614) (enterprises 110, 8539)


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