cover needed

22/10/2013 22:06:24
Hi All, looking for an old/worn/unwanted cover to add a second layer to my beauty as she needs to stay out in the weather for a while!!  Any style tokens/favours offered!

23/10/2013 09:25:20
Jez 3719
Alan, be carfull what you put on her as it is not always the right thing to do. If it is a PVC cover it will sweat which will lift the varnish. A polycotton cover will allow it to breath and keep it looking good. If it is not very water proof then get some spray on sealant that is used for canvas tents.

The best thing you can do for it is get the cover off once a week or more and let it air out. Try and do this on a sunny if, not warm, day. That will preserve it better than piling covers over it and making it sweat.

Best thing is find a couple of bits that need attention and send it to dirty hands to sort out. Tell him to take his time and it will spend a couple of weeks in his dry workshop!! That would be money better spent and a dry boat!!

23/10/2013 09:46:16
If the mast's down for the winter, use the mast as a ridge and drape a tarp over it...keeps the rain off the cover underneath and allows the air to circulate.

23/10/2013 10:07:27
mark barnes
Morning. If keeping the boat for a while, just buy a weathermax cover from one of the suppliers that offer this service. Once used, you would not use anything else, especially if you have a varnished deck.
It is fully breathable and does not have the issues of the polycotton covers, but does cost a little more.


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