Late father''s Merlin Rocket

17/11/2020 22:59:28
My father use to sail a Merlin Rocket back in the 1980's. His boat has been stored in his dry garage till now and it's time to see if someone else would like to be the owner of the gorgeous boat. I don't know much about these boats, but I can tell you it's in very good condition. The wood is all sound and looks fantastic. Not 100% sure on the condition of sails and mask, sails have been dry stored but mask has been outside and does appear to have some corrosion.
If you'd like to find out more, please email on [email protected]
Thank you,

18/11/2020 13:58:16
Chris Rathbone
Hi Chris, There is thriving Merlin Rocket Revival Facebook page where you might want to post details. Do you know the name and number of the boat (either carved on the thwart or the hog) and who built it?

18/11/2020 22:42:27
Chris Williams
Yes I have the full details. Will post on FB page.


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