Cost of spiny poles

10/10/2020 12:44:02
Was at the boat centre in London and the guys were saying that carbon poles have pretty well doubled in price over the last year 
was thinking wonder what new mast is now ?
but anybody any theory for the big increase    Are they all sourced from New Zealand ?

10/10/2020 19:25:58
Drop me a line. We have bare tubes in stock and they are bomb proof. Used on several Merlins including both of Tom Pygall's boats and he is fussy.  Interestingly what were you being quoted for the poles. barnsieb14(at)

11/10/2020 15:17:23
Thanks mark have replaced mine now
but not much change out of £200 for the poles with the fitments  

12/10/2020 14:01:29
I can confirm Seavolution poles are extremely robust and feel very confident with them in the breeze  - both withstood 30knot plus gusts and big seas at Penzance, Whitstable and Parkstone. Wouldn’t use any other manufacturer for the poles on Merlin Rocket.

12/10/2020 16:08:30
So for info
how much is a bare pole from seavolution  

12/10/2020 19:55:06
What length, diameter, wall thickness and composition should a bare carbon pole be? Would something off the shelf from easy composites work ok?
How much per tube?
Has anyone managed to make their own?

Any actual numbers would be great!
Thanks all. I’m sure quite a few others are curious too.

12/10/2020 21:26:50
On costs - can’t remember precisely. Certainly was less £200 from memory. Speak to Barnsie direct though.

13/10/2020 10:03:47
Stuart Bates
Richard, the 2.5m tubes from Easy Composites are fine for poles, I made some new ones using their tubes over the winter.  I used a slightly larger diameter, as I was doing something different with mine using custom end fittings.  The tube prices have risen, but they are still around £100 per tube.
If you want any more details on what i have done e-mail me on stu.a.m.bates at and I can share some pics and videos.  I also do some custom outboard ends that may be of interest.

13/10/2020 20:26:52
Make your own, I've made them for dinghy and for dayboat we race (classic wooden, heavy beat) they are easily strong enough. I can supply official Selden ends or ezilauncher ends, or we can print some custom ones for Spiro,ezi, jspro,rocktross ...  
[email protected] 

16/10/2020 09:01:55
Richard Battey
There are a couple of Merlin carbon poles on ebay for £65/each.


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