Brian Barnes another 1960s Merlin sailor has his last sail

06/10/2020 21:14:02
Evening all, I thought those that sailed Merlins in the 1960s would like to know. He passed away in his sleep yesterday after a long fight with dementia. He sailed Merlins in the 1960s out of Whitstable Yacht Club, of which two were Coxes Pippin and Pippin Two, both early wide bodied Merlins. Though one of the club's top helms in the club's heyday where up to 40 Merlins would hit the startling, enjoyed both his Flying Dutchman and Merlins, his career took control as he joined the jet set travelling the world on business and so ended up selling his Merlin due to lack of use. He was introduced to sailing from a non sailing background and learning to sail with Alan Chapman in Flying Fifteens. Alan is now better known in his latter years as a champs race officer. 
See all soon on the circuit
Bye for now

07/10/2020 22:17:22
Richard Davis

I was sorry to hear the news about your father 

He was sailing FDs when I first joined the Whitstable Yacht Club in 1959  ( the year the FD worlds were held in Whitstable) and I remember him sailing the Merlins which had been designed and built locally by Lockyers 

I also recall working with him on the Club development committee probably in the early 80s 

He shared his enthusiasm for all he did with his oldest son ! 

Many happy memories 

Best wishes 


13/10/2020 17:17:11
Dave C
Sad news, I remember Brian from sailing N12's at Whitstable in the 70's he had one of David East's Paper Dart's.
A true gentleman. 

19/10/2020 10:52:53
That was the other Brian Barnes, who was known as Teapot Barnes at WYC when we were cadets. Not sure where the Teapot came from but that is what we knew him as. He'd be over 100 now if still alive, I believe, but yes was a kind and gentle person sailing N12s. Not sure what happened to him as he left the sailing scene at WYC I think at the end of the 1970s or early 1980s

07/11/2020 17:43:58
Alan Chaplin
 Condolences Mark. I was pleased to meet up with Brian again at the Whitstable  Champs . Our mutual intro to sailing was on a CCPR course at Hayling Island in 1954 when most of the time was spent clinker 'barges' but the last day gave us the chance to crew a F15. One plane and we were hooked.

09/11/2020 14:42:27
Afternoon Alan, good to hear from you. Hope all is well and safe in these strange times. My father did a history of his life in 2018 and mentioned the F15s and HISC which I new about, but not the nordic skiing and playing tennis at a high level. Would be a bit short now at 5 ft. 9 in. tall. Lets hope we all get through this period and can sail, drink beer and watch sunsets at the end of the day's enjoyment and swap stotries. Those are the bits I have missed this year. Enjoy


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