Event photos and reports

14/09/2020 13:14:15
It's brilliant to see pictures and reports appearing from events. Even though the events are no long Silver Tiller, I am still here to help share news on the classes social media and also get reports over to Y&Y etc. 
If your clubs are active on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, please ask them to tag the class on their posts about the events, this makes it really easy for me to spot and share. Also if they can add #merlinrocket it will get an even wider share. No problem if not, just drop me a message and I will keep my eye out, and do my best to share.
With reports, if someone can do the hard bit of writing them and snapping some photos, feel free to email these to reports [at] merlinrocket.co.uk, and I can circulate. 
It's great to see events happening and lots of fab photos and videos. Please keep them coming.
Oh and if you haven't already get the October edition of Y&Y and read about Andy Rice's first experience in a Merlin Rocket, it's a lovely peice.  


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