Salcombe open meeting 31st October/1st November

31/08/2020 14:31:27

 At the request of your association SYC are running an open meeting on the above date.

 Entry is limited to sixty. And though it seems improbable we will exceed this limit, you may wish to enter sooner rather than later, if you would like to race. 

We are also laying on a 2 course supper limited to thirty in the club dining room. Cost £12.00. There is a vegetarian option.
Entry link and NOR, here.
Best wishes


12/09/2020 10:03:14
Is this still going ahead following the latest government announcement? Appreciate there is still some time for things to change between now and the date of the proposed open but good to know SYC position is for planning purposes. Cheers.

17/10/2020 21:16:03
Graham Cranford Smith
Still going ahead. 

Forecast looking er, robust on Sunday atm. 


23/10/2020 18:24:06
Graham Cranford Smith SYC.

Dear Competitor,


We are looking forward to welcoming sailors to the Merlin Rocket Open Meeting at Salcombe Yacht Club on the weekend of October 31st and November 1st. Following the announcement of the Government’s COVID Alert levels system, the RYA has released guidance on sailors attending events outside their local area. The Club will operate in line with this guidance and wishes that all competitors do the same.


The full guidance is available here:


The guidance is clear that if you are from an area where the Alert level is Very High (Tier 3), you should not be travelling to an event outside your area. Salcombe Yacht Club will therefore offer a full refund of any entry fee, harbour dues and boat parking fee and dinner ticket to competitors from Very High Alert level areas.


If you are from an area where the Alert level is High (Tier 2), you and members of your bubble should not enter the SYC bar or restaurant so if you have booked a dinner ticket, a full refund of that ticket will be offered.


The Notice of Race has been amended to reflect these requirements and any failure to comply with them will result in disqualification. The NoR has also been amended to the effect that the Competitors’ Briefing will be an online event. The link to the Briefing is here: 


If you are from an area where the Alert level is High (Tier 2) and you decide that it is prudent not to travel to the event, the Club will also offer a full refund of entry fee, harbour dues and boat parking fee and dinner ticket.


Please contact the SYC office on 01548 842593 (Wednesday – Friday) or [email protected] with any refund requests.


We hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend.


Salcombe Yacht Club


27/10/2020 12:39:24
Salcombe Yacht Club

The forecast for the weekend is not as promising as we would all like.

The SYC race team will announce the viability of the event on Thursday 29th October. We will make an announcement here and on Merlin Social media channels then.


29/10/2020 10:50:48
Salcombe Yacht Club

UPDATE 11:00 29/10/2020

The forecast for the weekend could be better but we think there is a chance of two races on Saturday.
Given that some will be coming anyway, we will decide the viability of racing, on the day. We propose to run two races back to back if conditions allow. We will try not to postpone for hours and hours, but please note the fleet may be held ashore at Batson by AP over Pendant D pending a decision.
The prospect of racing on Sunday looks slight. This being so, some of you may conclude that travelling for the possibility of two races on Saturday with less prospect on Sunday, is unattractive. If you would like a full refund then please would you email the SYC office:
Note. We regret we cannot roll over entry fees for this meeting to the April meeting; sorry. Turns out this is an accounting headache. Sorry.
Thanks all.
pp SYC. 

29/10/2020 11:12:34
William Warren
Brilliant well done Salcombe see you at the weekend 

30/10/2020 09:41:07
Salcombe Yacht Club

 UPDATE 0930 30/10/2020

The latest forecasts now show that the chance of racing on both days is improbable. Nevertheless, it remains that the race team will make a final decision tomorrow morning before calling it. (The rationale for this is that some teams may be coming to Salcombe anyway, and there is little to be gained by calling the racing off now.)
However, travelling to Salcombe and all that that entails, with the express ambition of racing your Merlin, may be optimistic; that is, unless you plan to come anyway and have a nice time doing other things.
In summary, if your arrangements are not fixed, then you may wish to factor the strong caveat expressed by this notice before setting off.
Again, if you would like an entry fee refund, please email:
Regret we cannot roll entry fees to the Salcombe ST meeting on the 17/18th April 2021 but which we hope will be a date for your diaries, all the same.
Best wishes
Graham Cranford Smith
pp SYC 

02/11/2020 13:10:42
Thanks Salcombe yacht club great weekend . We could all learn a lot from there can do attitude. Defiantly beats a day a the llama farm.  


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