Proposal to amend the Owners’ Association Rules

04/08/2020 16:42:27
Membership Consultation prior to submission of resolutions - Proposal to amend the Merlin Rocket Owners’ Association Rules
The Association Rules have been a focus of attention due to the COVID-19 crisis due to principal events and the AGM having to be cancelled in line with our Rules. This prompted a review by the Hon Sec and has led to the following set of resolutions being proposed. The broad aim is to:
1. Improve clarity / reduce ambiguity
2. Future-proof the rules
3. Allow for virtual attendance and voting at meetings to provide greater attendance across a cross section of our Association and to reduce the MROA’s carbon footprint.
The amendments have been written by Chris Kilsby with detailed review by numerous members of the committee as well as the RYA legal department. 
To enable these rule amendments to be voted through, a ¾ majority is required at the EGM. In advance of these resolutions being submitted, we wanted to give our Members an opportunity to comment on the resolutions. Submission of the resolutions much be before 15th August. 
The current rules, proposed ‘clean’ rules, and rules with tracked changes turned ‘on’ are on the website under Library>>>Rules
Please can any comments be emailed to [email protected] ASAP to allow time to consider any amendments prior to the EGM resolution cut-off date of 15th August.
It is hoped that all resolutions can be voted on in a single vote (Resolution 1), and that if this is not successful then each individual Resolution (2-7) can be voted on separately. The following resolutions are to be submitted:
Resolution 1 – Combined vote on Resolution 2 to 7 below
Resolution 2 - Amendment of Section 2 (Objects) - Minor changes
• Resolution 3 - Amendment of Section 3 (Membership) - Tidying up the voting mechanism, definition of a vote in a general meeting and ballot
Resolution 4 - Amendment of Section 4 (Management) - To tidy up to show the roles and responsibilities and election process for Officers and Members of the Committee
Resolution 5 - Amendment of Section 5 (Principal Events) - Minor changes
Resolution 6 - Amendment of Section 6 (Conduct of Meetings) – Simplification of language and clarity on EGM rules
Resolution 7 - Amendment of Section 6 (Conduct of Meetings) - Addition of ability for virtual attendance at meetings and electronic voting
I would be delighted to receive your support for these proposed rule changes.
Kind regards,

Chris Kilsby         Martin Smith
Hon Sec               Chair

05/08/2020 10:24:34
Colin Simmonds
I confirm that I am totally in favour I
Of the amendments as stated
A differant way of being able to vote other than going to Salcombe I am sure will encourage a greater cross section of members to express their opinions

Colin Simmonds
MR 3478

05/08/2020 11:39:17
Chris Kilsby
Thank you, Colin - I really appreciate your comments.
In order to get these resolutions through, it will be great to see you at the EGM on 17th October. 

05/08/2020 13:16:20
Pat Blake
I too am in favour. I know much thought has gone into this, many thanks to Chris K and Martin.
I think it is important to understand that all the resolutions, except for number 7, are not intended to change the status quo. It has come to light that there are some ambiguities and omissions in the current rules that are obvious if they are studied forensically. So the intention is not to change the way that our class has been run so well for decades but but to sort out that wording so it cannot be misinterpreted.
Resolution 7 - to enable virtual attendance and voting at General Meetings is something that has been considered before but now, with the improvements in readily available technology and the issues of the pandemic, the time seems right.

05/08/2020 15:48:14
Matt Greenfield
Chris - great work with the update, thanks for all your work.
We're very unlikely to make it to Hayling unfortunately but wanted to say that we are both in full support of Resolution 1!
I understand the RYA has said we'd be on dodgy ground if we tried to do it virtually this time so I hope you get the votes needed. The new rules are much clearer and up to date. 

06/08/2020 09:53:22
Happy to support the amendments to the resolutions and will join the EGM digitally if at all possible
Best wishes

06/08/2020 11:53:33
Chris Kilsby
Thanks for your support, Martin. 
It would be great if you (and others) could make it to the EGM in order to vote this through. Then next year, we will be able to offer you virtual attendance and e-voting through the new rules. To get the resolutions through we will need 40 full members to physically attend and a 3/4 majority in favour. A tough ask! 
Thanks, Chris 


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