My name''s Martin and I''m a ......

30/07/2020 11:26:09
Well I'm going to put it out there.... I'm a crap sailor.... harsh I know but I'm really struggling in Club level races. I sail 3634 Ministry of Pleasure which I know in its time was competitive.  In light winds (3 knots yesterday) I was beaten by everything... Solo's, Streakers, Lasers even a bloody Miracle (they crossed the line before me!!). Downwind at 12 knots with the kite up, lasers kept level??? In all conditions Phantoms and Solos are just crucifying me. At Delph SC we don't have another Merlin to compare so I can't compare the set-up....and I'm guessing my set-up is just wrong. Crew weight is c. 26 stone all in.
I'm keen to improve, happy to take feedback but to be honest as a pretty competitive individual I'm really frustrated.
To add the old girl is going to Chris and Phil at DinghyTec in September for an overhaul...maybe that will help?
There you go; I've laid myself bare.... please diagnose :-)

30/07/2020 12:17:15
First of you are correct 3634 is a very competitive boat

Your crew weight is at the upper end of where you would want  but you should still be ahead of the boats you've mentioned

Why not get a race coach or decent club sailor to have a look at your sailing from a power boat  sure that would help

Keeping the boat dead flat  ( I.e. you should be able to let go the tiller and it doesn't move away from you) plus keeping the boat moving and not stuffing it up are a gd start

Would invite you to wembley for a day but guess bit far

30/07/2020 16:08:12
Stuart Bates
Hi Martin,
Drop me a pm on Facebook and we can discuss you having a trip down to Hollingworth where you can sail and look at other boats and pick up tips from a number of very good Merlin Sailors.
There are a number of factors that could be involved, from position in the boat to the one that is probably the cause, being the rig.  Without seeing the rig in person it is not easy to diagnose the issues, along with how you are sailing her.
Stuart Bates

30/07/2020 17:05:53
Stuart your timing is impeccable ....I was just checking out the Hollingworth website. I'll pm and take it from there. many thanks

05/09/2020 22:42:36
Feeling your pain. This could be me and my helm writing this post. We do enjoy sailing the boat and  are hoping to get to the Bartley Open to see if we can gets some hints and tips. 


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