East Lothian champs dates

19/07/2020 17:26:26
On the mag says 14 _24 th august 2021

Trying to get a big wembley posse going

Wot are correct dates

19/07/2020 19:09:40
Chris Martin
14th - 19th August 

19/07/2020 20:37:47
Ta. Can’t wait 
loads of seals there if I remember correctly  

19/07/2020 23:00:56
Pat Blake
Sorry that was one of those mistakes I mentioned on the Magazine thread.
Having researched a bit more about North Berwick it sounds really good - lets make it big!
This isn't the official Champs Website but East Lothian YC have put this together - I am looking forward to it.
Have a look.

19/07/2020 23:09:27
Pat Blake
OK - I put this link on the 'YouTube Clip' but it doesn't work!
try this:


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Paste the link provided by youtube under the "Share" button, looks like this "http://www.youtube.com/embed/XEsrho3jqbo"
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