Sailing a Merlin 2 people different households

29/06/2020 19:08:05
Just a query as to how clubs are tackling this issue

Are any clubs using mitigating actions to start racing again

Indeed can we use such actions whatever they are 

Missing my yotting 

29/06/2020 20:45:13
Stuart Bates
Here is the current RYA Guidance :

29/06/2020 21:01:14
I'm struggling to find the parts that relate directly to sailing

29/06/2020 21:39:15
Gareth Griffiths
Is it appropriate for people from different households to sail together in the same dinghy or keelboat?
The Government is trusting people to continue to act responsibly, and follow the guidance on what they should and should not do. Therefore, participants will have to make their own decisions on whether they can sail their dinghy or keelboat whilst maintaining adequate social distancing. The current guidance, which is to maintain 2m social distancing, would make it impossible for two people from different households to sail most dinghies and small keelboats. It may well be possible in larger keelboats if extra care is taken. From the 4th July social distancing remains at 2 metres unless you use mitigating measures which will allow a reduction to 1 metre plus. On a boat, these mitigations could include (in addition to being outdoors) 1m separation marks on the deck, wearing gloves or face coverings, avoiding face to face contact, cleaning procedures etc. The risk should be assessed case by case and from the 4th July, with the correct mitigation in place, it may be possible for 2 people from different households to sail certain dinghies and small keelboats. As an example, a risk assessment may deem the risk to be low enough in a trapeze dinghy in strong winds, but too high in a 2 person hiking boat where the crew sit side by side for prolonged periods of time. Similarly it may be easier to manage the risk when not under the pressure of racing.
What responsibilities do we have as a club over members,

30/06/2020 04:04:12
Thanks Gareth

So bottom line  no merlin sailing ?

09/07/2020 23:45:27
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
No Merlin sailing..!
no a straight forward answer. It’s being advised that you shouldn’t but law is stopping you. I guess self assessment of your situation and a responsibility to everyone is paramount. 
Can you honestly assess that you and your crew would not cause an outbreak of COVID 19 due to your sailing together and existing within a specified personal distance?
you can mitigate that out doors, marine environment wearing masks not looking at each other, not dining or shouting would all prevent transmitting the virus if you had it. Temp checks On you and your crew and sanitizing  Your boat before and after sailing. Are you and your crew in a bubble, I seriously dislike the bubble terminology... 
it’s about trust and honesty in my view. If you think you can catch it or transmit it don’t sail together, if you are 100% sure you won’t and are willing to take extra precautions I personally don’t think it is a problem

10/07/2020 14:07:00
Sounds a pretty fair assesment
i wonder if a club allows it but then something goes wrong and member catches Covid. Can the club absolve itself by saying
you do so at your own risk. ( not that I like that approach ) 

11/07/2020 21:10:55
Gareth Griffiths
I think it would be pretty hard to price Covid19 was caught via sailing or safety boat duty, anything water based rather than normal life.

But I think most people wanting to sail together could have a very honest conversation and would happily sign a disclaimer to say so. I know my crew and I would..!

12/07/2020 15:25:56
Think you get into tricky territory with disclaimers 

If something does go wrong guess worried truly where you stand

Not my area of expertise 

14/07/2020 08:14:39
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
I think most people know their crew well enough to consider them a safe bet to interact with closely in a dinghy. If you don’t then you shouldn’t sail.

14/07/2020 21:00:56
I think we all understand the rules and we shouldn't be putting other people at risk just because we want to go sailing ….. you might trust your crew but you can't see COVID19 and you don't know if they have it!  Bit like drugs, it can be really exciting and you might be fine doing it but best to 'just say no'!!

15/07/2020 09:24:57
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Alan if the govt condones that you can sit next to someone on Over crowded public Transport as long as you wear a mask Surely you can’t seriously think there is more risk of catching Covid19 by sitting next to someone you know really well while sailing? You can wear a mask while you sail too!
lets be realistic about this, we all want to stop Covid19 spreading but you are much more likely to catch it off someone you don’t know than someone you do. 

15/07/2020 09:53:02
Can we move the inlands to somewhere near Barnard Castle?

15/07/2020 21:06:10
Bear Necessities
Try sailing with your partner. Almost 40 years racing together and still enjoying it. Just remember you only have to say it once!

16/07/2020 08:58:49
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Bear that’s unfortunately not possible for everyone

30/07/2020 13:48:05

30/07/2020 14:42:18
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Great News for so many sailors. 

02/08/2020 18:50:29
Andrew Mills
I wish the government could produce such an admirably clear and concise set of guidelines!  I have had my first sail with Ellie this year (!!) in pretty good conditions on the river at Hampton today, looking forward to more in the future.  The club is following these guidelines and we have limited racing starting up.
What is the current thinking about the meeting in Lymington? 

07/08/2020 14:33:44
Louise Johnson
Andrew, Lymington is looking forward to hosting a Merlin Rocket open on the planned dates in August.
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