Scamming sales enquiry ?

17/06/2020 10:02:50
I had a bizarre enquiry from the Sales section of the forum yesterday.
"Send me the photo and the price" and then an email address  w ph ilip 538 at gmail  (spaces inserted so it's not searchable).
I responded and had this in return : -
"Alright, I'm okay with that, but I am sorry I wouldn't be able to come myself for viewing due to crisis before making the purchase.

"You don't have to worry yourself about the shipment, My Transporter will take care of shipping and pick up as soon as you confirm the cheque is Cleared by your Bank and Cash available for use." 
A clear scam.
Curious if anyone else has had something similar. 

17/06/2020 10:51:25

Seems to be loads of that going on at present. Selling a few things on Gumtree and had 2 similar messages in the past week. Just delete them and ignore!

01/07/2020 23:05:59
I had the same enquiry and similar from :Stephen Hansl VOLD  steph.vold 10087 at gmail co, then an offer to pay a deposit requesting not only sort code and account number but name and address also. 3485 still for sale, price reduced to £1,200, near Southampton


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