Sad News Mike Liggett.

16/05/2020 08:18:25
Sad News.

Mike Liggett passed away peacefully Thursday night in hospital.

I did a lot of sailing with him. Sailing in Merlin Rockets and CVDRA events.

He was a fantastic friend. Superb sailor, and he loved his boats.

I was always amazed of the amount of care that he took in looking after them. And am honoured to have sailed with him in them.

"Squirrel" the old Jack Holt Merlin 235, which he rescued from a bonfire, was especially lovely.

We both enjoyed going to the Wroxham DeMays event on the broads. Which we won several times in "War Horse". The Hunts CVDRA was also a fun event, of which he was a major part.

I did also spend time plotting and scheming with him about boaty things, and i am grateful for his help in getting my Merlin, and for the work he did on her. Although fitting her through his garage door was interesting....

Always very friendly, helpful and welcoming. Good with advice for problems. A font of sailing knowledge.

Happy sailing Mike, and calm seas with following winds.

My thoughts go to Monica.

My condolences. We will all miss him.

Jon Cowper.

17/05/2020 17:45:59
Tony Johnson
 Very sad news-we met at GWSC and after the MR fleet declined  he kept in touch-always after bits of MR gear for his boats-will be sadly missed


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