NSM1 design

07/04/2020 15:06:34
Hi. Hope you’re all well.
I’ve been looking into the merlin rocket as a class to get me back into sailing.
Spotted a nsm1 variant for sale ‘3284’. 
Would you say this flavour of merlin would be suitable for a beginner to the class.
Does the nsm1 cope with a weightier crew
Brought up on ent’s, lasers, ok, firefly, c-fly, albacore, scorpions, solos (albeit in the 80/90s).
No concerns about my capability in the boat...the rules however are a different matter.

07/04/2020 17:20:33
Chris Martin
The NSM was a decent all rounder of its time. 3284 is a foam sandwich boat, ex glen truswell with rather a good record well post pre history!
They are generally stable and well mannered, but you will want to be running off an adjusted handicap on moderately large pieces of water if you've designs on being competetive. On very restricted water it will hold its own quite well. 

08/04/2020 14:46:22
mike blunt
Thanks Chris

Are replacement rigs / sails available ? ..if anything breaks. 
Which are best?


08/04/2020 14:54:43
Chris Martin
if its deck stepped which I think it is current sails are better than worn out period ones!
I'd even say the same if its hog stepped. some sailmakers will supply new but these will cost more than the boat did. 

09/04/2020 12:29:57
There are spare laminate sails for 3284 being offered on Facebook with Richard Willetts, so perhaps a deal to be done there?

10/04/2020 19:08:45
mike blunt
Think I missed the sails.
No reply from owner of 3284 on apollo duck.
Think it might have gone.


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