Spinnaker pump halyard drawing

05/04/2020 20:12:27
Hi all,

Does anyone have an easy drawing for a pump halyard system please for the kite? 

06/04/2020 23:26:11
Gareth Griffiths
Mark Barnes has some great detailed photos

07/04/2020 11:48:17
Tim Medcalf
Does the pump system work even if the 'free end' of the halyard is attached to the downhaul patch on the spinnaker rather than an elastic take up system as would be the case on a 470 with no chute?  I ask as there needs to be tension on the line to pull it through after each pump.

07/04/2020 14:06:56
Stuart Bates
I haven't had any time to draw anything up, but I will do my best later.
In terms of the Pump system there are two methods available, but both have a key feature in that there has to be elastic in the system to tension the halyard, so that the tail gets pulled through the pump block.
System 1 : The Spinnaker Halyard tail is taken through a 1:4 take up system that is attached to some strong elastic along the side of the centreboard case.
In this case you need a seperate downhaul for the kite, which can be tidied up by attaching a  1:4 take-up, where the block is attached to the Halyard take-up block, or left lose in the boat.  This is the most common method of rigging, however the elastic that takes up the halyard may be too strong for a crew to pull the kite down if it doesnt have a release.  You also need a reversed cleat by the pump action that stops the elastic hoisting the kite when dropped.
System 2 : Pump Action attached with a continuous halyard
In this case the tail of the halyard is taken through a floating block that can be tensioned with elastic after the pump block before it is connected to the kite downhaul.  This elastic needs to be released once the spinnaker is hoisted to free the downhaul.  There is no issues with dropping the kite, as it works like a standard drop.  This method is used on RS700's and other boats.
In both cases the spinny halyard cleat is in the standard place, so the crew can release for the drop.

08/04/2020 07:50:09
Tim Medcalf
Thanks for the info Stuart, very helpful.  I'm thinking about option2, can you explain more about the floating block?  I understand what it does but where does its tensioning elastic run and where is its cleat located?

08/04/2020 13:32:09
Chris Grosscurth
Thanks all, and to John Fildes for his message too. His option is basically system 1 I believe. now just got to map it out on my boat. 

09/04/2020 10:47:23
Stuart Bates
Hi Tim,
I've placed a photo of option 2 on the Merlin Rocket Revival Facebook page.


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