Salcombe Silver Tiller 2021 and Merlin Week 2020 update.

28/03/2020 19:00:20
Silver Tiller

The dates for the 2021 ST in Salcombe is the weekend of the 
17th/18th April 2021. Hopefully this information might enable those who had accommodation to shift it from this year to next.  Again; we can only hope.  

Merlin Week 

We are still holding a decision on Merlin Week 2020 for the moment.   We will be publishing next year's date next week. 

Meantime, Salcombe sends its love to you and all your families.  Keep well.  

GCS pp
Salcombe Yacht Club 
07803 290201

29/03/2020 13:30:46
Louise Johnson
Thank you GCS and SYC, this is very helpful. Hope all is well in Salcombe. Lou


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