3735 updates

27/03/2020 19:54:22
Hi Pip, Taxi
In these non-sailing days, we need feeding with boat bimbling material please!
Either for here or possibly a mag article?
Can you let us know what you’ve done to 3735 to get her on the pace straight away (not that she was slow in the first place!). What upgrades did you see as essential? And most interestingly why? And what are just nice to haves?
Several of the Starcross fleet are upgrading to jib tack forward, but there doesn’t appear to be a consensus on Jib size and combination yet. What have you opted for and again the reasoning why please? 
Many thanks in advance!

28/03/2020 23:23:40
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Good post James

30/03/2020 12:48:35
Hi James,
Thanks for the post, i'm sure i can sort something. I might have a go at doing a video rather than loads of writing, I have the boat here at the loft, i'll get Biggsy to hold the camera, what could possibly go wrong.......

30/03/2020 13:27:42
James Wells
You’d best grab a milk crate for him! 😉
Looking forward to it. 

30/03/2020 15:29:11
Chris K
I can't imagine a steadier hand... 


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