Salcombe Week

17/03/2020 14:03:52
When are the committee for Salcombe Merlin Rocket Week Meeting to discuss the implications of  Government policy regarding Coronavirus on the holding of the event and when will they let us know their decision?

17/03/2020 14:45:07
Give them a chance - most clubs don’t know what is happening this weekend, let alone in 4 months time. 

17/03/2020 14:52:26
Chris M
I agree with Sophie.

I think it’d be better in a direct email if you have a specific question too please. When SYC are able to make an announcement I am sure that they will.

We don’t want to start Chinese whispers on here :)

17/03/2020 18:32:41
Graham Cranford Smith SYC.


Could I take you to the notice we posted on the Salcombe Yacht Club Merlin Week newsfeed at 10:05 today?

For ease, the notice reads:


It is as yet unclear if the special measures advice of Her Majesty's Government and/or the effects of the pandemic will extend to the ability of competitors to attend or the capacity of SYC to run the event [Merlin Week].

We will update here and on social media channels.

SYC Merlin Rocket Week Committee.

17th March 2020.


Could we add: we will be publishing a formal notice about the Salcombe Silver Tiller event in April, probably tomorrow. 18/3/2020
Graham CS pp SYC
07803 290201 

17/03/2020 19:07:47
Surely we can wait to see what evolves from this situation. In one or two months time all maybe a lot better and life will continue as normal? If we could hold off on canning it that would be good but I also standby SYC and their decision.

17/03/2020 22:01:09
Stuart Bates
I agree that we need to allow the situation to evolve prior to SYC making what will be a tough decision that will affect the Salcombe Economy as much as it will affect the competitors and their families.
I am happy to stand by the decision that SYC make on this, in the best interests of everyone as I'm sure that everyone else will during these tough times.
It could just be the tonic that we all need to get us back on track as the pandemic subsides.

18/03/2020 12:24:26
Chris Kilsby
It's going to be AMAZING to get back out and racing again once this bugger subsides. Let's continue to be excited for the summer, sun, Silver Tillers, Salcombe AND the Nationals! 
Take care, and keep bimbling!  

19/03/2020 08:46:07
Ben 3767
Absolutely Chris Kilsby, good for you, can't wait!


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