David Oddie

09/03/2020 10:43:23
I regret to inform members that David Oddie died early today after a long illness.  David joined the class in the mid 60s after winning the Graduate Nationals 3 times and sailed Merlins until the late 70s.  He was active on the circuit, finishing 3rd in the Silver Tiller, and a regular at the Nationals helping his wife Lesley to win the Minima Trophy.  He always retained his interest in the class, and moved on to sail his XOD from Hamble and winning Cowes Week one year.

10/03/2020 10:55:42
David Child
Sad news a real gentleman on the water and off, are there any funeral details yet?

12/03/2020 07:37:18
Chris Haworth
Will post funeral details once I receive them. 


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