Buoyancy bag covers

06/03/2020 09:29:25
I've purchased some nice buoyancy bag covers from P&B.... at the moment they've got eyelets at each corner which would allow me to lash them on...but I've noticed from a few pics on Apollo Duck MR3759 for sale that they're screwed into the boat. Any advice? .... note they don't have prepared holes along the edges to do this. Many thanks 

06/03/2020 11:15:55
Stuart Bates
Hi Rousey,

3759 probably had those from build, so may have some re-enforcing in that area.  If you have lacing eyes then you will need to add fastenings to lace them to, rather than having it screwed down.


06/03/2020 11:40:19
Thanks Stuart... something like this I guess? https://www.sailboats.co.uk/harken-eyestrap-16mm

07/03/2020 10:07:29
Stuart Bates
Yes, those would do, it is what it is secured to that you need to focus on.  Give a builder/repairer a call, for the best advice on that, as you wouldn’t want it pulling out during a capsize.

07/03/2020 12:36:46
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Having just sanded the inside of 3650 I can tell you she has a glass batten or similar in the laminate inside to screw into.

I wouldn’t recommend screwing the bags straight into the hull floor. The screws will pop out.

If you had fittings for straps then these should be suitably reinforced to be the attachment points to screw into.

I guess filling the holes with epoxy and fibres then re-drilling for the new fittings would be a good idea but might not be necessary 

07/03/2020 20:55:35
Chris Martin
To do this properly is more involved than you think. Boats intended to have these covers have had some foam removed and a rectangle on epoxy/fibres laminated into the moulding to take the screws. The inner skin is not strong enough to take the loading. What you have depends on how old the boat is. Mk1 Winder hulls have wooden battens mounted on the inner skin.
Creation Covers do a bag cover designed (For me originally) to wrap all the way round the bag but make use of the original fixings. These are very good and do pretty much the same job as altering the boat.


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