Aspire 75th National Champs - 2020

10/12/2019 12:34:50
Hope you all enjoyed Pat's excellent magazine and the introduction to Tenby item.
The 75th Champ's - 2020 website will open on 3 Jan, with on-line entry - only 80 places.
Loyalty discount available for all 2019 competitors entering (and paying) by 1 May
"Old Boats" - this category/trophy has been adjusted to include ALL Mk 1 Winders so all entrants with sail numbers 3603 and below qualify for the £50 Old Boat discount.
Please watch this thread for all 2020 Champ's announcements
Merry Christmas to everyone 

12/12/2019 10:23:29
Ben 3767
What are the dates Ian?

12/12/2019 23:21:05
Martin Smith
8th - 14th August according to the fixtures list which also includes the 2020 ST calendar.

02/01/2020 19:31:46
Ian Mackenzie
Happy New Year and best wishes for 2020.
The Champs website is now open for business.
Hope you can join us.

Please check out the link to ABCforwinning for details of our new coaching support.

03/01/2020 12:14:56
Ian Mackenzie
Congratulations to our first 5 entrants.
Check out the enthusiasts on the Champs/Entries page. 
Only 75 places left!

15/01/2020 08:15:17
Chris M
15 entries..........

21/02/2020 20:50:22
Ian Mackenzie
Accommodation Available

Still looking for convenient Tenby accommodation? Please check out this link - Convenient Basement Flat for 2

Tenby SC club member Alistair Mackay will be pleased to give you more info. His email address is in the details for download.

17/03/2020 18:58:35
Ian Mackenzie
As I am sure you will all appreciate, in the current dynamic situation, we are in deep discussion with our hosts, Tenby SC, our sponsors and our race management team.
Once we have un-muddied the waters and the Committee have had a chance to review all of the options, I hope to give you some clear news on the way ahead in August.
If you could bear with us for a couple of weeks, I would be grateful.
We aim to give you the plan in good time for you to make a decision about final payments for your accomodation.
Please feel free to email me if you have any particular queries.
Regards and best wishes to all at this confusing time.


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