2019 Silver Tiller Dinner

15/09/2019 16:30:13
Martin Smith
As we come towards the end of the season nows the time to book your tickets to the Silver Tiller prize giving dinner.
Hosted by Blithfield sailing club on the evening of the seasons final ST event.

Details of the menu, how to pay and where to stay can be found by following the link below.

https://www.merlinrocket.co.uk/do ocs/Silver%20Tiller%20Dinner%20Dance%202019.pdf

All of these details can also be found in the Merlin Rocket Summer Magazine 

Once you have paid do not forget to send your menu choices to Gill Leney via email to 

[email protected]

Please do book swiftly as the caterer is asking for anticipated numbers by the 7th October.

16/09/2019 07:36:22

There's a typo in the link it should be:


17/09/2019 08:23:51
Martin Smith
Thanks Pete
Here's an easy to use link to take you to all the details. 

25/09/2019 20:34:41
Martin Smith
Dinner bookings are starting to come in, please don’t leave it too late and if you need a crew please get in touch as we can probably sort you out!

25/09/2019 23:19:52
See who's going on the Facebook event page:  

27/09/2019 22:15:01
Martin Smith
The glassware has been ordered.
The entertainment is sorted.
So now we need you to book your dinner tickets and come and celebrate a great season of racing Merlin Rockets.

07/10/2019 20:34:47
Martin Smith
Please don’t delay book today this will be a grand night of celebration!

14/10/2019 08:39:10
Do we have a dress code for the dinner on Saturday Night?

14/10/2019 11:05:13
Martin Smith
It’s a Black Tie dinner so suits for the chaps please

14/10/2019 13:22:57
Hi all
I've posted ST results post Chew Valley. If you note any issues ahead of ST dinner please let me know asap.
I've also posted updated Thames and De May results provided by Sel
Cheers, Ross 


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