Ask a silly question....

01/09/2019 13:01:11
Does anybody have, or have access to, a knackered Crewsaver buoyancy bag? Its the sort of thing that's always lying around in a saiing club - right up to the point where you want to lay hands on one...

Its not the actual bag I need, by the way - just the screw cap.

02/09/2019 16:19:30
I have a screw cap if you need it. 

02/09/2019 23:34:52
Derik Palmer
Yes please! I'm in Brighton (Shoreham SC).  If you let me know how much (inc postage) and how to pay you I'll send you my address.

03/09/2019 12:16:53
Please email me your address and I will post as soon as I can.
[email protected]
No charge.


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