Restringing from scratch

13/07/2019 01:07:58
I've now got to re-string Carrera from scratch. I was hoping the Rigging Guide on this site would have a schedule of lengths, diameters and types of cordage for the main controls but no luck there. Such a feature would be even more useful these days than formerly as I suspect few of us have a local chandlery to go to where we can ponder and compare such stuff; these days it all has to be ordered online so you have to be pretty clear about what kind of string you need from the outset.
So - does anybody have a list of sheet lengths/diameters, and control line diameters and types to hand that they could share?

13/07/2019 08:15:36
Stuart Bates MR3615
Hi Derrick,
Unfortunately, as a class, there are so many variants to the way that the boats are rigged, so a standard rigging guide wouldn't work.  It also depends on how you are looking to rig her, ie independant controls, rig only one-string or full one-string.
In the main the control lines to the hand are 4mm, with Dyneema being used for much of the moving parts of the rigs and other lines.
PM me if you want to have a more detailed discussion on different rigging options.

13/07/2019 08:57:35
Chris Martin
As Stuart says there are many variations on several themes and a definitive guide is not really possible.
However your composite Tales I would think is fairly standard.
A one string conversion on a JT boat isn't a drama and you can pretty much copy the winder layout - if that is the way you're going.
In any case the "hard working" parts of the main rig cascades should be dyneema. 3mm 12 strand is fine for a 6:1 as original, 4mm is better for an updated 3:1. The secondary parts are fine with 3mm12 strand. I find 2/2.5mm a bit thin and mincy.
Control lines should all be 4mm. I always use dyneema core on the shrouds and lowers. The kicker wants to be continuous ideally. If you're not one stringing the shrouds and jib halyard should be too, this will make a massive difference to your sailing (I did this on 3583 before its conversion and it was a revelation).
Pole downhauls - 2mm 12 strand dyneema, then a 4 or 5mm control line. This takes quite a pull. Again I'm using dyneema for this and ive upped it to 5mm. What you use will depend where it is and how the woodwork allows access.
Spinnaker sheets usually come out at 13.5m, jib sheets 8.5 (This varies hugely due to taste) and a mainsheet is 8m. If tapering beware of shrink post taper - its amazing how much length a taper uses up! 
Use of decent rope brands will greatly improve stretch/shrink resistance, you do get what you pay for.
I've got lengths for a one string job, but not the older fit out.

13/07/2019 15:16:25
Derik Palmer
Thank you guys. Your advice is much appreciated.

17/07/2019 13:36:19
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
I have an excel sheet for a modern winder I’ll email you and I am welcome to email to anyone else who needs it


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