Changing Sail Numbers

07/07/2019 18:50:27
I have been donated a brilliant suit of sails for Carrera - thank you William! Of course, I need the change the sail numbers; can anybody advise me of the best stuff to remove sail numbers and their glue from a mylar main? I've got both white spirit and acetone to hand, but thought I'd ask before using something that might affect the mylar.

07/07/2019 22:41:10
Tim Medcalf
Very gently heat with a hair dryer and peel off when the glue is soft.  Clean any residue with meths - don't use acetone.

08/07/2019 17:17:27
Chris Martin
Laminate sails in my experience don't usually leave much residue if any at all. Toluene is a good glue removing solvent but beware of glues seams as it will have the same effect!


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