Salcombe week crew

26/06/2019 23:56:22
Having been offered a late entry to the week I now find my usual crew will have to head home early. Would anyone like to crew for at least the latter part of the week or maybe more?

27/06/2019 16:20:29
William Smith
I'm interested in crewing for you. I'm coming down for the whole week as part of the Hollingworth crowd. I'm 19, 5ft 11, 70kg and have some experience crewing merlins. If the offer is still there feel free to contact me on 07443476435 or email me at [email protected]

27/06/2019 19:16:28
William Smith
Someone else has contacted me looking for a crew directly so I will be unable to crew for you. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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