Whitstable Silver Tiller 22 - 23.06.2019

17/06/2019 08:44:58
Morning Folks, after a wet and pretty windy Parkstone, where we all seemed to get away with it bar one unfortunate sole (Nick), next weekend is Whitstable 
Bar will be open on Friday evening as usual, and town relatively busy if sunny. If that is the case, do not go down the hill from the big roundabout (Saturday morning) to the club as the satnav says, but stay on the ring road round the top of the town/hill to the next roundabout (Tescos). Go straight over that and take the next left (Church Street) and keep left at the next junction (playing field on your left) and stay on this road for about 1,000 m. You will then come to a 5 way road junction. cross straight over up the hill (Castle Road) and at the top of the hill, turn left (should be a large red brick building opposite the junction (old telephone (BT building) exchange), turn left and stay on this road for about 900 m. till the harbour main entrance (not the first one by Harbour Garage) where you turn right into the harbour. Parking back streets or main carpark which can be a bit pricy 
Those who may be sleeping in camper vans, notify the club ([email protected]) asap as the harbour authority has changed its policy on campers, but if advised in advance, the club arrange for the vans to be parked in a compound. Failure to do that may cause complications.
Think there may be a few going out for a late sail on Friday afternoon/evening for a bit of stealth practise 
See you all there and hopefully not as windy as Parkstone 


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