Families going to the champs

07/06/2019 15:57:55
I'm going to be supporting the General Lee from the sandy shores of Looe this year with Robbie and Josh. Are there any other sailing widows with children planning to go?
It would be good to set up a WhatsApp group so we can share plans each day - not planning on organising a schedule or anything! Just a way of giving one another a heads up on beach day and ice cream procurement plans 

08/06/2019 06:37:03
Ian Mackenzie
Hi Lucy. Look forward to seeing you and all the other family support teams. You are all welcome in the Club at any time and, in particular, at the Commodore's Reception - no additional charge. For the younger at heart, please see the Social Programme (Champs website). We will have a face painting session, juniors fancy dress and a toy box/drawing books in the Clubhouse.
Good luck with the What's App group. I will ask Angela to join you if I may.

08/06/2019 22:22:29
Hello Lucy, we are going to the champs with 3482 and our 7yr old daughters/crew people. We look forward to meeting you all and making it the most fun family seaside holiday for everyone.

09/06/2019 13:22:30
Ellie Sharps
Hey Lucy,

I’ll be down with Elizabeth (nearly 5) and we’ll definitely be up for some sandcastle building adventures. Am hoping to get to the Eden Project at some point in the week too if you fancied that sort of thing 😀 


10/06/2019 09:26:05
Great to hear there will be some more families to hang out with! A day trip to the Eden Project would be fab. It's also Fowey Royal Regatta which isn't far away - there's a pasty eating competition amongst other fun things to do  
Look forward to meeting / seeing you all there! 

11/06/2019 17:25:04
I’d be interested in joining in this group. The 2 kids I’m accompanying will be sailing (and are grown up, 17) so I’ll be entirely abandoned each day!! 
Look forward to meeting you all


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