Shustoke Midland Circuit

01/06/2019 10:19:33
Martin Smith
The HD Sails rolls into Shustoke sailing club next Sunday the 9th June for the first of its stand alone events (ie Non Solver Tiller) that you need to attend one of to secure qualification on the circuit, not only that but it is also the first opportunity to get your name in the hat for the HD sails draw for a brand new jib.
Three races are planned first race 1100.
This would be a great event for those new to circuit sailing. 
Hope to see you there! 

04/06/2019 09:47:59
Martin Smith
Shustoke HD Sails Midland Circuit this Sunday the entry fee is £15
First Start is Merlin only at 1100
2 races in the afternoon where we will share the water with the club sailing program.
A full galley service is available or take your own pic-nic
The bar will be open after racing.
This is the first opportunity to secure you non Silver Tiller result that you need for Midland Circuit qualification and its the first opportunity to get your name in the hat for the HD sails jib draw.
Hope to see you there. 

07/06/2019 09:43:38
The forecast is looking dry with a reasonable breeze, who’s coming out to play?

07/06/2019 17:42:59
Guy Browne
3619 Will be there

08/06/2019 06:30:18
Ian Mackenzie
Our Nationals NSSA team will be there in 3555

08/06/2019 21:55:55
3482 too. 

10/06/2019 10:36:35
Thanks Shustoke what a great day!
Delighted that the club seemed to enjoy it as much as the competitors did!
Hope to see you next year.

11/06/2019 19:53:48
Many thanks to everyone for making us feel so welcome. We had two great races and learnt a lot, so we’re looking forward to our next events to put it into practice. 


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