Brightlingsea results

21/05/2019 11:46:35

Can someone kindly email me html or excel file of the Brightlingsea ST results so I can update before go on holiday in few days

Thanks, Ross

23/05/2019 22:00:37
Martin Smith
Could someone forward these please so we can get them posted. 

24/05/2019 08:31:03
Dan Willett

Sorry about this.  I have been chasing daily.  There is a bit of an IT issue with transferring the results as I understand it.  I will get them over as soon as I have them.



24/05/2019 11:19:45
Martin Smith

25/05/2019 14:39:48
Dan Willett
The brightlingsea sailing club silver filler results are now on the BSC website. 

Sorry for the delay. 

27/05/2019 18:30:04
Lou Johnson
Cheers Dan. Results added to Fran’s report on Y&Y.


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