Brightlingsea Open this weekend

13/05/2019 18:31:31

Hi all,

Team Brightlingsea have not been that noteable on the open meeting circuit this year but this is about to change!! To give the Brightlingsea boats some practice it would be great to get as many Merlins to the sunny east coast as we can. 6 races (3 Saturday starting at 12:30 pm and 3 Sunday starting at 10:30 am). We are sharing with the Fireballs, Hornets and Albacores (separate starts) so we get to show the other fleets what a decent boat looks like.

There is food available all weekend from the galley and a chilli on Saturday night. I have booked the sunshine and the force 4

So – who’s coming??


14/05/2019 08:02:10
We love Brightlingsea. 3756 and 3796 are packed up and ready for the road trip. Can we leave boats on the grassy area on Friday?

14/05/2019 09:11:10
Dan Willett
That’s great. Yes you can leave boats Friday night. I will be at the club Friday evening for the “make your own pizza night” and the bar will be open. If you fancy something less do it your self then I can point you in the direction of some local eateries.

Breakfast at the club both Saturday and Sunday mornings as well. 

14/05/2019 13:34:56
Pete Slack
Shiny Happy People 3695 are packed and ready for the road trip too. Hope the forecast stays !


14/05/2019 14:33:12
Dan Willett
Fantastic. I have had a chat to Pete and we have decided that we will donate a prize for the furthest travelled Merlin. No excuse now!! 

14/05/2019 21:21:08
Nick Craig
sounds good, Toby & I will be there, looking forward to the force 4....?! :-)

17/05/2019 10:15:57
Dan Willett
 I have checked my seaweed and consulted my wind tree and the forecast for Saturday looks good for a sea breeze.  I have the furthest travelled prize sorted and donated from Brightlingsea Boat Maintenance.  The FA cup final will be on in the club after racing tomorrow.  The beer is cold, the food is warm, the tide will be high (for some of it!).  Let' s do this!!


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