Plas-Heli ST

30/04/2019 13:43:43
This weekend is the second Silver Tiller sea event of the season it’s by far the most northerly sea event of the season making it perfect for those who live north of the Watford Gap.
The forecast is looking good and a mixed ability group comprising Gold Silver and Bronze fleet sailors from Midlands clubs are attending.
A promise of external toilets makes camping on site a solid choice. The sailing here over the last two seasons Silver Tillers has been epic so please do come and join us racing under the stunning backdrop of the Snowdonia mountains.
This event will offer something for everyone one!

30/04/2019 20:41:38
And for those who want luxury toilet facilities, whilst camping:

we still have some spaces.

07/05/2019 07:12:03
Chris Martin
Another top event run by a very experienced team. 3 races turned around in just over three hours on both "big" days, great facilities and one of the best waters to sail on in the UK.
Thanks to the team at Plas Heli! 

08/05/2019 11:09:38
ST scores updated

08/05/2019 13:45:43

Sounds like a great 3 days of racing over the weekend! I’m looking to book the same 3 day format again for next year with the possibility of another fleet joining us. It would be great to see the attendance keep growing, everyone that’s goes there keeps raving about it!

09/05/2019 11:22:08
Ross, you have me down as sailing 3646, that boat now belongs to James Middleton, I was sailing 3783 as per entry form.


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