Chichester ST & Itchenor ST

07/03/2019 19:24:11
For those doing both ST’s, it’s been agreed by ISC that we can rig and launch from their club on the Saturday and sail to CYC. We can enter both online where documents will also be available, they will also pass entry forms to ISC. The course will be displayed on the committee boat.

CYC has free parking and you can also sail to Itchenor on the Sunday from there, but against the tide. ISC has a pay and display car park and you will be going with the tide both ways.

Harbour Dues will only need to be paid for one event!

Looks to be a great weekend.
See you there!

08/03/2019 15:33:31
George Yeoman
Saturday night we will look to do fish and chips at Itchenor for anyone interested. 

Please call the club to book. 

01243 512400

11/03/2019 10:41:09
George Yeoman
Sorry it will be a curry on Sat night at Itchenor.

11/03/2019 11:49:29
Chris K
 This is getting even better! 

11/03/2019 11:55:36
Frances Gifford
I prefer curry too.

11/03/2019 21:01:30
Ooh curry. Sounds like this could be a great w/e. Have booked a room at ISC.....cant wait.

18/03/2019 12:02:51
George Yeoman
Hi all,
Looking forward to the weekend, for those of us that are launching from Itchenor and sailing to Chichester we have the following logistics:
- You can enter and pay at Itchenor but in CASH ONLY, otherwise pre enter online
- The sail takes about 30 mins 
- CYC will put the course on the Committee boat
- We will then sail back to Itchenor immediately after sailing and RIB back for prize giving. 
We will try to turn around asap after we land back at Itchenor, but can put covers on when we get back before the two course dinner at Itchenor on Saturday night for £17 at the club (book in the office).  Accommodation is available at the club and breakfast will also be served.

20/03/2019 18:15:20
Hi George
We’ll be sailing up from Hayling - what will the class flag be, please, so that we can be sure we’ve got the right committee boat! 
Many thanks 

20/03/2019 20:02:47
George Yeoman
Jude, class flag will be O (yellow and red), I’m pretty sure we will be the only committee boat out there but it should be Betivuka (blue hull white top). Either way, there will be a load of merlins floating around!


21/03/2019 14:03:38
I’ve just entered and paid for both events online.

Looking forward to a big weekend!

21/03/2019 16:20:43
Itchenor isn’t the easiest website to navigate but you’ll find the entry forms under the club open meetings button.

Here’s a link:

21/03/2019 16:22:11
“Itchenor Sailing Club Open Events”

21/03/2019 21:05:41
Thanks George - Hoped it would be O as normal - just wanted to check as there can sometimes be loads of different committee boats floating around the harbour with so many clubs - 14 at the last count!  Having said that there's a bit of a move to drive round now, so we'll see.....  
Thanks Olly for the link - all entered and yes, easy peasy
See you Sunday - looking forward to it. 

26/03/2019 15:17:18
Ben Lulham
Just a quick note to thank everyone for a fantastic weekends sailing, well worth a trip south! well done for arranging the two on one weekend. 


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