Silver Tiller Gold/Silver/Bronze

06/03/2019 15:02:36
Starting this weekend at the Burghfield Silver Tiller we (the MROA) will be awarding prizes to the first helm and crew in the Silver and Bronze fleets at all Silver Tillers. Overall prizes will still be awarded by the host club.

Fleets have been set for the full 500+ membership using the current methods used at the Nationals. Only MROA Members qualify so join now.

This year we’re awarding some Merlin Rocket branded mugs!

I’m really excited for this, to see the prizes spread throughout the fleet on what is one of the UK’s best national tour series.

New to the Silver Tiller? Just missed overall classification? Nows the time to get involved!

08/03/2019 21:56:00
Oliver Turner
The G/S/B fleets are now on the website and can be seen via the link below:


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