Tenby Champioships 2020 dates - confirmed

01/03/2019 10:30:10
Chris Martin
Hi guys
The 2020 national championships will take place over 8th-14th August.
This is a couple of weeks earlier than we would normally have it due to tidal difficulties in late August. Planning is already underway!!

08/03/2019 15:22:05
Steve Harling
That’s great. Starcross yacht club have already booked their accommodation!!!!!

08/03/2019 16:02:00
Ian Mackenzie
And we also have our Race Officer, Time keeper, Afloat Judge and Protest Chairman in place. Yes, Nigel, Fiona and David will be back for 2020.

08/03/2019 20:28:47
Bugger, Same as Cowes week I think


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