Promoting Silver Tillers & Event Reports in 2019

28/02/2019 12:16:28
We are looking to do more to help promote your club's Silver Tiller event on social media this year, but we need a little help from club reps. 
If your club has a Silver Tiller in 2019, it would be really helpful if you send any promotional material you have to me (details at the bottom), pictures, posters (as Jpegs), words about the event, anything helps?! This way we can get this up on the class Facebook/Instagram/Twitter pages and help spread the word.
As it worked so well in 2018, we are going to repeat it again in 2019. So if you are fortunate (or unfortunate!) enough to finish third at the event please can you write the report and send it across with any photos you have. Ideally by Tuesday. 
Thank you!
Lou - MROA PR and Reports 
reports [at] 


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