Burghfield Silver Tiller - 9th March

24/02/2019 21:37:53
Burghfield Silver Tiller - 9th March 2019

Briefing 10.15
First start 11.00

Four races (two before lunch, two after), mix of windward / leeward and round the cans

Followed by afternoon tea

See website for full details and to pre-enter - worth doing as it gives you a £5 discount. 


Please note, there is a height restriction barrier at the entrance to the club drive... you may need to unhitch your boat to get under. If you have a double stacker please call the office as you get close and you will be let in.

24/02/2019 21:43:18
Ellie Sharps
Oh and the website has been upgraded since last year so pre-entry shouldn’t be a faff.

02/03/2019 19:38:35
Graham Cranford Smith
Thanks Ellie.  

Entry process great. Sailing Club Manager: that being my bete noir from 10:00 Saturday 4th November 2017.  

Happy memories.  

03/03/2019 22:07:53
Ellie Sharps
Thanks Graham. Fingers crossed it will hold up to the hundreds of entries we expect to come in just before pre-entry closes (at midnight on Wednesday)...

06/03/2019 19:18:01
Ally Potts
For those of you not on Facebook.... today is the last day of discounted entry. Please pre-enter by midnight to save your precious beer tokens!!

10/03/2019 19:53:03
Graham Cranford Smith
Thank you for running such a memorable event.  There were photos which would be very good to see....

11/03/2019 12:13:37
Ellie Sharps
Thank you for making the trip up. We absolutely loved having you all. There was a real buzz at the club about the Merlins sailing at the club!

Mike’s photos are on Flickr here:- https://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157677088631357

He was off on holiday Sunday morning so said he’d share a few that evening then will post the rest when he gets a chance to go through them.  He did say he didn’t get as many as he hoped of the Saturday morning epic as it was pretty bumpy out on the water and they ended up helping with rescue... but I’m pretty sure he’s just try to manage our expectations. The ones so far from the afternoon are still pretty cool.   Will share the link again when he’s updated the album.

See you all soon,


11/03/2019 15:33:24
Thank you for having us!  It was an awesome event, and ran so smoothly in the full on conditions! 
Can't wait to come back next year!  

11/03/2019 17:07:42
Chris Martin
I agree with Phillipa :) 

11/03/2019 23:31:13
Martin Smith
I understand there was a correction to the results, the correct results are on the results section of this web site and Burghfield SC.
I will ask Y&Y to replace the results in their article.
Well done Burghfield a great event in challengeing conditions!

17/03/2019 20:32:09
Ellie Sharps
Hi all,

Mike has uploaded the rest of the photographs - there are now 129 fab picture up on the link above. 

He said that they are at a resolution good for screen but if you’d like a version for print then get in touch with him and he’d be happy to help.

All the best,



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