Merlin Nationals 2021 Venue

27/01/2019 10:09:14
Yes, we are already preparing for 2021 hosted by East Lothian YC at North Berwick. Angela and I will be visiting the club in a couple of weeks so if you have any burning questions, please let us know?
And just to show you what could be in store, here's a taster from The Guardian,

29/01/2019 07:31:46
Chris Martin
I think with this one in addition to the usual stuff it would be good to know:
1) How long does it take to get there, driving realistically?
2) Whats local accommodation like cost wise and is the venue camper friendly?

29/01/2019 10:28:03
Ian Mackenzie
No probs Chris. Both items on the shopping list. In fact, we will be going up in the motorhome anyway so will compare actual drive time against Google maps prediction.

29/01/2019 16:14:10
Graham Cranford Smith

Now hoping to live that long. Looking forward already.

I last raced there in 2010. A great club, fantastic waters and well worth the drive. Decent launching and dinghy and car parking etc. Really nice town. Excellent restaurants.  
Locally, a massive emphasis on golf over sailing so important to pack the plus fours to avoid undue attention, one found. 

The local hospital was also excellent, as it turned out. 


31/01/2019 19:08:51
Antony Gifford
We have been there a couple of times since moving to Scotland.   ELYC is a great little club with a very capable team.
There is a commercial campsite and caravan/motorhome place about 10 minutes walk from the club which we have used and is pretty good with decent facilities. 
As GCS mentions it is a golf resort and so there is lots of decent accommodation of all types. It does get pretty booked up so (just like in SW England) it is somewhere to book early.
Google says 5 1/2 hours from Birmingham driving normally.   That said, it is important to remember that on a Friday or Saturday in August you are much less likely to sit for hours in traffic on the A1 heading for Scotland than you are on the M5 or any of the other roads into Dorset, Devon or Cornwall. 
Hope this helps.   It might well be my first Merlin Champs since my first in 2006....

31/01/2019 19:28:45
Ian Mackenzie
Thanks very much for the positive feedback. Have also had two other similarly enthusiastic contacts. Look forward to updating everyone when we get back. Hope the snow disappears. Graham, just keep taking the tablets.

01/02/2019 18:25:13
fabulous club, really welcoming great sailing....G C S is spot on33


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