Wanted: Compass

20/01/2019 20:03:02
Hello, does anyone have a compass surplus to requirements they’d like to sell?
Richard 3482
07914 303612

20/01/2019 20:45:28
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
eBay can be good...!

22/01/2019 10:21:13
Thanks Gareth for the suggestion. eBay is looking a bit like the boat burners’ remnants at the moment. I’ve had another idea in the meantime - to make an electronic version using an Arduino, which might cost as much as £10! I could even programme it to display adverts up the first beat to take one’s mind off the sea of sails and washing machine water confusion directly ahead!

Btw did you manage to get any pictures of our boats under construction in Ron Hall’s yard? I’d be most interested.


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