Jim Park

04/01/2019 20:10:25
Jim Park sadly passed away this week
He was the most enthusiastic Merlin sailor I've ever know bubbling with chatter about our beloved boats 
An ex chairman and author of the Merlin book he was constantly encouraging people to sail merlins.
Our thoughts go to his wife Anne 
I will publish funeral details when I get them  

04/01/2019 20:53:38
Rob Hatley
Very sorry to hear this. He was a constant source of encouragement in our ten years at Wembley.

05/01/2019 10:05:59
Peter Fryer
Very sad news to hear about Jim’s passing. I occasionally crewed for Jim in my early days of Merlin sailing at the Harp in the early seventies, and at Championships at Falmouth and Poole. He always had something to say on Merlin sailing, someone later on described him as being a walking Merlin encyclopaedia !  Condolences to his family.
Peter Fryer.

05/01/2019 17:06:19
Alistair Park
Hi - Thanks for the post. We're planning Dad's funeral at the moment. If you have any stories you'd like to share - and I know he was a controversial character - please do send me a message ([email protected]). Many thanks, Alistair

18/01/2019 10:44:18
David Child
I have been told by Anne Jim's wife that his funeral is on the 29th of January
At noon at Brakspeare, Crematiom Ruislip.  I am further told it is easy to find.

29/01/2019 17:11:34
Peter Fryer.
Met Jim’s family at the funeral today. Alistair told me that he has copies of the original Merlin book which Jim co-wrote if anyone wants a copy. Proceeds to charity. Get in touch with Alistair.

31/01/2019 16:21:50
So sorry to hear about dear Jim. He was indeed a great evangelist and enthusiast for the Merlin Rocket  - opinionated, yes, but that served to enliven the spirit of a class where there were plenty of people with opinions! Jim was always ready to enlighten, assist or encourage anyone who wanted to know about Merlin Rockets. One of the great servants of the MROA.


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