ST scores updated

10/10/2018 20:22:02

Hi, the ST scores have been updated after Tammy and Hollingworth. As always please let me know if you spot any issues. 

10/10/2018 20:28:29

Updated DeMay results also posted Detail&crid=3260 

17/10/2018 11:41:51

ST scores updated with Blithfield and Hampton opens. No one sent me these results so hope I found the correct final results searching online.

 Also final DeMay now posted. Thanks Ben for working these out. 

19/10/2018 14:10:36

Well done Ross, Thanks.


It does appear that Colin Anderson was at both Hampton and Blithfield on Sunday though! I can confirm that he was definatly at Blithfield. 

19/10/2018 16:46:02

Good spot Jez

 Please can clubs use full names in open results!!! I take in "C Anderson" at Hampton was Charles not Colin. 

Now updated, Lou will email you new file 


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