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10/10/2018 16:17:26
Woof woof to all the new members this year . by my paws counting we've gone nicely over the 500 mark again after a few years under 
Not sure many classes have such a situation so well done all the members for encouraging new ones
If you join now you get membership right up to Dec 2019
Happy membership dog  

10/10/2018 20:56:00
Thanks for the welcome!
We got our first old Merlin (2967) last year to introduce our 6 year old girls to proper sailing! So we moved up to the Isle of Mull for 3 months in the Spring this year for waves and tide. Having sailed one designs for decades, I have to say how refreshing it was to sail such a remarkably refined and well developed boat in the sea. 
So flushed with success, we are shipping the boat (after 2 months of renovation (sigh)) to Wexford Harbour in Ireland to introduce our nephews and anyone else who comes along to the delights of Merlin sailing!
And  . . . we just bought 3482 for pootling on the Thames on Thursday afternoons when it’s not raining. 
And another thing, the standard of craftsmanship in these boats is absolutely breathtaking, they are so beautifully built!

11/10/2018 10:57:34
Richard, welcome and here's a link to facebook group for wooden merlins


31/10/2018 07:11:18
Colin Brockbank


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