Silver Tiller Dinner Tickets - All gone (well, nearly)

03/10/2018 19:53:01
Hello All

72 silver tiller tickets are sold. We have very few left and are about to set them loose for our own club members and race volunteers to buy. If you are planning to visit and haven't purchased yet, I suggest you get a wiggle on as from timmorow they will be avaible to more than just the Merlin circle. Less then a handful left but we intend these for the sailors first and foremost (plus who in their right mind wants to sit through 20 prizes being awarded other sailors :-) )

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21/10/2018 13:02:49
Ian Mackenzie
Many thanks to the Lymington team for a cracking dinner. Great night, good food, ace band and superb company. Cheers. Knees now in recovery mode.


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