Salcombe 2019 entry update

28/09/2018 11:45:07

Can I kindly ask how far off we are having a near final list for paid up entry next year? Looking at the website only 2 people who got an actual entry (inside top 120) have withdrawn in the last 4 weeks. Most of us need to pay our accommodation deposits by the 30th Sep, so useful to know if can expect much more movement on the waiting list by the payment deadline which must be very soon.

Many thanks, Ross 

28/09/2018 18:36:41
Chris Martin
This is unofficial but I understand that WL1-3 have been offered entries.
This would put Dan as WL1, you as WL12 and me as WL46.

28/09/2018 22:50:44
Ok thanks Chris that is useful to know, appreciate  the reply. 

02/10/2018 14:47:36
Olly Turner
The entry list online has been updated with 8 boats pulling out since the draw.

02/10/2018 23:23:27
Rob Hatley
Olly, Have you got a link for the online entry list ?
Does anyone know how often that will be updated if there are further withdrawals ? 

03/10/2018 11:05:24
 Thanks Olly. Shame the list no longer shows whose been dropping out for transparency.

03/10/2018 14:35:42
Olly Tuner;%20filename%3dMerlin+Week+2019+master+entry+list+as+date+stamp.pdf&AWSAccessKeyId=12AYQSWG53AAJQKVGXR2&Expires=1538573906&Signature=G5LjBInFAQm3QB1kMPSp5XT7ges%3D

It’s on the SYC website, on the Salcombe Week page.

03/10/2018 18:19:14
John m
I suspect GDPR means you can’t keep that list online as there is no purpose to keeping it is there?  Still, starting to look good being 47th overall on the waiting list;  I note that many on the list above me don’t have a crew!

04/10/2018 11:39:35

Another 1 dropped out in new version released this morning.

04/10/2018 13:38:14
Chris Martin
Woohoo I’m on the first page now 😂

26/10/2018 18:21:27
Graham Cranford Smith

 Merlin Week drop outs.

We were maintaining the list of entries who had withdrawn. But in the activity that took place when we asked for the entry fee, the link between the shared spreadsheet between they SYC office and my own office from whence the date orginated, broke.

Net result: we have clarity on who is on the waiting and entry list but not, I am afraid those who have withdrawn. We could cite GDPR, which is a nice explanation but not, the actualite.
Updates. The entry list is updated just as soon as we hear of any changes. We generally keep the Merlin page on the front of the SYC website home page or at most a couple of pages in. Any queries, always happy to clarify.


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