Wanted - Boat Cover

21/09/2018 18:43:41
Does anyone have a boat cover for a Rocket that’s not too many days past it’s best before date?

I am in Salisbury but can travel provided your not in Scotland!

Thank you

26/09/2018 15:51:45

Hi Dan

I have a spare cover that fits the Winder Canterbury Tales that is in ok condition.

Let me know if this would suit your boat. 

26/09/2018 16:19:31
Thanks for getting in touch and for the very kind offer. I am new to the MR community having recently taken possession of a JT built Summer Wine. I am not sure of the fine details of her measurement (no certificate came when I bought her) and as such can't comment if your cover will fit, however anything has to be better than the one with a large hole that I currently have. My email is danhawling at hotmail dot com.


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