Tamesis - DeMay & Silver Tiller/Thames Opens - 6&7th OCTOBER

20/09/2018 14:26:52
Tamesis Club is looking forward to welcoming all visitors for a bumper weekend of river wriggling over the 6 & 7th October. Please find links to the NoRs below...
Saturday 6th - De May vintage racing:
Sunday 7th - Silver Tiller & Thames Series:
Come and race at London's finest since 1885 (probably...)

01/10/2018 09:57:57
Finally worked out how to do web links on the forum....
Saturday 6th - De May vintage NoR:
Sunday 7th - Silver Tiller & Thames Series NoR:
Entry forms to print off and speed up entry on the day;
Entry is £10 per day to include bacon rolls on arrival.
Worth knowing.... Tamesis is catching up with 2018 and can accept 'contactless' payments.
Long-range forecast looks like a fun weekend!


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