Parkstone SC - (Sort of) newbie advice

08/09/2018 15:02:02
I'm thinking of doing the Parkstone ST at the end of September with my lad.
It's a few (ahem) years since my last non-home club ST.
How long before the first race do people typically arrive ? 
Does anyone know roughly what time the first race on the Saturday will be ? 
What time will the briefing be ?
What time will things wrap up on the Sunday ? 
Are there any wrinkles to sailing at Parkstone that I should know about ?
Many thanks,

12/09/2018 13:48:42
Stuart Bates
Hi Rob,
I've not done Parkstone, however there are a few things to consider when doing any Open Meeting.
The Briefing is generally 30 minutes before the start (depending on time to the start area).
How long will it take you to rig the boat, check it and get changed?
Will you have to drop the car off in a carpark a distance away?
If you consider these points it will give you a guide as to when to get to the club, usually 2 hours before the start is when the club facilities are available.
Good Luck with the event and enjoy it!

12/09/2018 15:45:19
think the NOR is on the PYC website..pastingRegistration will begin at 0900 hrs on Saturday 29th September 2018.
A competitors’ briefing will be held at 1100 hrs in the clubhouse.
The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race on Saturday 29th September will be 1255 hrs
and 1025 hrs on Sunday 30th September.
Up to 3 races are scheduled and will be sailed back to back each day.
No warning signal will be made after 1500 hrs on Sunday 30th September

12/09/2018 15:58:08
Parkstone is a fantastic event and always a highlight! Do remember to pick uo a course chart before the start (generally available at registration) as it does become a tour around the (very beautiful) Poole harbour and the marks are not always easy to find and the fleet don't always get it right ;)

12/09/2018 23:01:39
Hi Rob, The timetable for the PYC open is;
Registration/late entry 09.00 29/09/2018
Competitors briefing 11.00 29/09/2018
FW Sat 12.55 FW Sun 10.25
I would also factor in the possibility of a 30 minute sail out depending on wind strength and direction. Breakfast will be served from 08.30 onwards and there is a Big Birthday Bash on Saturday evening, all of which can be booked on Webcollect ;- 

13/09/2018 08:11:51
Rob Hatley
Brilliant !!  Thank you all. Exactly what I was looking for. That will help us plan things.


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